Hublot 414.OI.5123.RX Big Bang Unico 45 mm MECA-10 King Gold Blue watches replica

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    Hublot ( hublot big bang replica ) began working with Bol d 'or Miribaud regatta last year for obvious reasons. The event is fascinating and important because it usually brings together as many as 600 ships, more than 3,000 sailors and thousands of spectators. In addition to being the first boat race of the inland lake regatta, it also takes place on lake Geneva in western Switzerland. It was actually held in hublot's backyard, as the watchmaker's factory is near nyon. Finally, the brand itself has a long tradition of water sports, even though its name, Hublot, means "porthole" in French. Timekeeper from the Fusion classic series, number 521.nq.1717.qr.

    The BOM14 frame is made of carbon fiber and attached to the rest of the structure with six h-screws, as is the custom of the brand. Once again, the carbon fiber was used to create a black dial, which was placed under the sapphire crystal. The dial itself is a typical timekeeping collection from the classic fusion, and it features the application of time markers, skeletal hands and date holes at the bottom. What sets this limited edition watch apart from other similar models is its novelty of a pair of dark blue timepieces decorated with sunny patterns. These sub-counters are considered an endorsement of the origin of the timekeeper. As the brand explains, the color should resemble the shadow of lake Geneva. Finally, carbon fiber is also used in wristbands. In this case, the material is utlizied combined with rubber to create a black attachment replica hublot watches stitched with a blue saddle. The chain has a folding stainless steel clasp.


    In an oversized knock off watches box with a diameter of 48 mm, a new sports device has a special 48 minute central counter that simulates four 12 minutes and 25 minutes of a basketball game. Unimpeachable sports store more than 48 hours of power reserves.The chronograph has two centrally mounted hands. Measure 60 seconds with one hand and 48 minutes with the other. A small date window is located between 4 and 5 o 'clock. Both the hour and minute hands are skeletonized, so you can clearly see a complex maze of mechanical components that work together to ensure high accuracy. The first piece in the series, no. 2000/200, boasts the jersey font on the back of the watch showing each Miami heat player's number.

    The timer pusher was inspired by the shape of the backboard, while the bezel represents a basketball net. The team's red has been used for its charming design dial. In addition, the dial has the heat logo, sapphire glass back engraved with the words "Miami heat". Finally, the texture of the rubber band looks like the surface of a basketball, completing the appearance of the movement. In honor of its second year as sponsor of Bol d 'or Miribaud regatta, RACES are held each year on lake Geneva. The new timepiece is known for its use of carbon fiber, which is used in the construction of watch frames, dials and parts of accessories. Behind this curious case, you can see a fitting sculpture commemorating the 76th edition of the world's most important inland lake regatta, which was dedicated to it. In addition, the new hublot table came out in a limited edition of 76, fake luxury watches marking different versions of the famous event.

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