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    Advertising without Compromising User Experience

    Advertising is one of the means to monetize (make money with) mobile applications. In this lesson, you are going to learn how to incorporate banner ads in your Android application.

    While this lesson and the sample application use Mobile Ad Network to serve ads, the Android platform doesn’t impose any restrictions on the choice of mobile advertising network. To the extent possible, this lesson generically highlights concepts that are similar across advertising networks.

    For example, each advertising network may have some network-specific configuration settings such as geo-targeting and ad-text font size, which may be configurable on some networks but not on others. This lesson does not touch not these topics in depth and you should consult documentation provided by the network you choose.

    In order to integrate advertisements in your application, you first must become a publisher by registering a publishing account with the mobile advertising network. Typically, an identifier is provisioned for each application serving advertisements. This is how the advertising network correlates advertisements served in applications. In the case of Mobvista, the identifier is known as the key. You can get it after you register and log in.

    Mobile advertising networks typically distribute a specific Android SDK, which consists of code that takes care of communication, ad refresh, look-and-feel customization, and so on.

    Most advertising networks distribute their SDK as a JAR file. Setting up ad network JAR file in your Android project is no different from integrating any third-party JAR files. First, copy the JAR files to the libs/ directory of your project. If you’re using Eclipse as IDE, be sure to add the JAR file to the Build Path. It can be done through Properties > Java Build Path > Libraries > Add JARs.

    Declare Proper Permissions
    Because the mobile ads are fetched over the network, mobile advertising SDKs usually require the declaration of related permissions in the Android manifest. Other kinds of permissions may also be required.

    For example, here's how you can request the INTERNET permission:

    <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.INTERNET" />

    You can get the details tutorial here: How to integrate Ads SDK?

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