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Long due update July 30, 2014

Hey guys!

It's been a long time since we updated our main page. Don't worry, we are well alive. We've been busy with work, school and everything else that life forces you to focus on and juggle at the same time. However, we have not abandoned LWC and there are a lot of new developments to report :)

First and foremost, we are currently in the last stages of completing the new engine that will power the next version of LWC. Unfortunately, the engine that we wrote and demonstrated a year ago was flawed and forced us to rethink our approach. We ended up reworking everything from scratch and we're now very excited with what we will be able to give you! This new engine is 100 times more powerful than the old one. This means that you will have extreme flexibility and freedom to create some amazing live wallpapers! I have been posting some demos on the forums and our twitter already. Check them out if you haven't yet :)

With the engine nearing completion, we have already begun looking for some people to help us test it. This is an early beta testing stage, as there will be a few more. You can sign up and get a sneak peak at the new features of LWC and at the same time help us test the engine. The beginning of the stage is still a week or two away, but you can sign up on the forums already.

This is all fantastic news, because we are getting closer and closer to release. I can't state dates yet, but after seeing how the beta stages go, we should not be far away from finally realeasing LWC3!

We want to thank everyone for your continued support and patience. Thanks for sticking with us through this journey. We want to repay your commitment with our revolutionary version of LWC. You will love it :)

I want to add that updates will be more frequent now. I would also like to invite you to follow us on Twitter. We will post updates more frequently to our twitter than the forums and the main page.


Download patch to LWC 2.6! May 25, 2013

Small update! Patch 2.6.1 has been released. This patch addresses several issues that resulted in LWC crashes on non-English locales. If you could not get LWC to start up, please download the latest update from our download page, delete your existing installation and set up LWC 2.6.1. If you are still having issues, please send us an email or post on our forums.

Other minor fixes include proper updating of the Version Name of your live wallpapers, as well as buttons to remove your personal logos and custom icons.

Surprise! LWC 2.6 is released! May 25, 2013

Hey all,

Summer is here! The skies are clearing up, the sun is shining bright, and the LWC Team has cooked up something exciting!

While LWC 3.0, unfortunately, is still not currently ready for release, we have decided to take the last few weeks and do something different. We've packaged up a good chunk of LWC 3.0 and created a shiny new interface packed full of new features! Yes, you read that right, a new version of Live Wallpaper Creator is available NOW!

Download it here

Although it doesn't currently possess the full power of LWC 3.0, 2.6 is leagues ahead of the previous version. With long awaited features such as animated gifs, specialized spawning modes, in-app promotion, LWC 2.6 is an incredibly powerful software that will bring your live wallpapers to a whole new level. With 6 customizable properties for items: Scale, Opacity, Speed, Angle, Rotation, and Direction, new interaction features, and a brand new concept known as action-item association, the difference between live wallpapers made with LWC 2.1 and 2.6 are worlds apart! For the full list of LWC 2.6 features, check out this forum page! The new version will release the source code to allow further modification!

To those who already own a version of LWC, you will receive LWC 2.6 free of charge! Simply download the new package from our download page. Use your existing 2.1 license file to activate 2.6 by placing it into the license folder under the installation directory. You will find many bug fixes, including the latest issue with building (in case you have updated your Android SDK).

We will be updating the website with new tutorials, videos, sample wallpapers and galleries at this time so check back often and join our community.

To those who have yet to join the LWC community, a fully-featured demo version of LWC 2.6 is available on our Download Page. Go ahead, check it out. If you like it, you can purchase it for $70 USD. The purchase of LWC 2.6 will provide you with a free of charge upgrade to LWC 3.0, as well as any version in between! This means that anyone that purchases LWC 2.6, between now and the release of LWC 3.0, will receive the upgrade to LWC 3.0 (worth $120 USD) free of charge!

We'd like to take this moment to thank everyone that is part of the LWC community! From helping each other through stumping LWP design problems to giving tips on how to raise ECPMs and user satisfaction, you guys are the muse that motivates us to work harder and harder! It is incredibly uplifting to see posts of success and thanks from one LWC member to another that has taken their own time to write up a solution to a problem, share their experience with a certain ad company, or write a tutorial on how to add unique code to their LWP! From the entire LWC Team, we want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Now, let's make some awesome new wallpapers everyone!

LWC Team

LWC 3 - Approaching Release! Mar 19, 2013

Time for an update. First off, a big thank you to everyone that is part of this great community! As they say, when patience ends, endurance begins. We are approaching release of LWC 3.0 and we have exciting news for you including new features, interface screenshots and a site update, but first an announcement.

We've been getting a lot of mail. As a result, we have expanded our FAQ section to include information about Live Wallpaper Creator purchase, licensing, usage, troubleshooting and the upcoming version 3.0 release, so please read that. If you don't know anything about LWC, the FAQ page is the perfect place to start. If you've been following our progress, there is new information there that you might find interesting, so check it out either way!

Alright, as some of you may have noticed, we have decided to skip the release of 2.5 and merge it into 3.0 instead. This was a natural thing to do from a design and implementation point of view. Don't worry, this has not delayed the release, but made it better - much better.

We have added three new features to LWC 3.0 that you haven't seen yet. This will make Live Wallpaper animation and interaction incredibly more dynamic: Item groups can now have up to 7 states. For those that do not know, a state is basically a definition of 5 animation properties (speed, direction, scale, angle and opacity), interaction and transition behaviours for items belonging to a group. Each state now has its own set of images. This means that an item can change "face" from state to state. The user can customize how and when items change states. Each item can now change its state in two ways - on touch or when its timer expires. You will love creating these wallpapers.

There are so many combinations of options, behaviours, animations and interactions that it will take some time to fully explore the possibilities. For a complete feature list visit the forum: 3.0 Features. Bellow are two screenshots which offer a sneak peak at the new 3.0 interface...

Currently we are working on implementing support for various advertising SDKs so that you may include your favorite ads in wallpapers simply by clicking a button. We are also working on the Live Preview feature which basically simulates the live wallpaper on the canvas in real time. Users will be able to see how their wallpapers move and behave without having to use an emulator (which takes forever) or uploading to a device!

At this time, we don't have an exact release date for LWC 3.0. However, we are announcing that LWC 3.0 will be available to purchase at $120. All existing users, as we originally promised, will receive LWC 3.0 free of charge. This includes anyone who purchases Live Wallpaper Creator 2.1 before 3.0 is released (save $70!). We thank you for your continued support and patience. It means the world to us and keeps us working hard.

If you are new to the site, why not check out our demo? It's free! Lastly, we encourace everyone to participate on our forums: follow the latest updates on LWC, share you interests, ask questions, and just enjoy the community :)

LWC Team

Live Wallpaper Creator v3.0 - Feature List!Nov 14, 2012

There has been a lot of work done putting together the next version of Live Wallpaper Creator and we are pleased with the result. As good as version 2.0 seemed at the time, it was based on a simple template and had a few select features that allowed a somewhat limited amount of combinations. We wanted to make something that would allow artists to create live wallpapers that would rival most live wallpapers on the market. We wanted something full of features that could be customized and tweaked to heart's content. We wanted something we ourselves could use proudly, so we set out and did exactly that! Below is a list of core features which will be included in the next release, just follow the link.

There have been so many improvements that calling it v2.5 does not seem right. This is a full blown new version - version 3.0! The number of features in this release puts the old creator to shame and we are more than happy to say that. Right now, we are in the late development stages of the creator and are busy with the new interface design. We wish we could offer a release date however we will not because, frankly, we are not sure how fast we could finish everything that we have planned. However, given that the functionality component of the new template is nearly finished, what we will offer are sample videos and live wallpapers made with the new code showcasing the cool features we planned. So look for those soon!

As for the price, we feel that it should go up, however no set amount has been proposed yet. Whatever the case, as we have stated before, those who have already purchased an older version of Live Wallpaper Creator will be able to upgrade to the new version free of charge. That pretty much sums everything up. We are very excited, so please visit our website soon for new feature videos and sample wallpapers!

Live Wallpaper Creator v3.0 - Feature List


Live Wallpaper Creator 2.1 Released!Oct 7, 2012

It's finally release day. First and foremost, we want to thank you for your patience. Live Wallpaper Creator v2.1 is officially out. All existing users will find an email with a link to the new update.

Upgrade Instructions:

  • Download the new package
  • Extract to a new folder
  • Go into the new folder and copy "Live Wallpaper Creator 2.1.exe"
  • Go into your existing Live Wallpapere Creator installation
  • Paste "Live Wallpaper Creator 2.1.exe" into your existing installation
  • Delete "Live Wallpaper Creator 2.0.exe"
  • Start "Live Wallpaper Creator 2.1.exe"
The new version contains one small, but important, feature. With version 2.1 you are able to produce the source code for all your live wallpaper projects. This means that you can import them into Eclipse or any other editor, and modify the code to your liking. This gives you complete freedom over any advertising that you wanted to implement. You are also free to make any other adjustments to the code if you so choose.

Once you have upgraded to version 2.1, you will need to rebuild all your projects to generate the source code. You will find the produced source code in your archive/company name folder, under the title of your wallpaper project.

We have also released a few tutorials to demonstrate how you can import projects into Eclipse, implement advertising code (we used LeadBolt as an example) and update existing applications. You can find the videos on our forums, or in the tutorials section of our site.

Please watch the tutorials if you want to use this new feature. Should you have any questions, please feel free to send us an email, or post on our forums.

Good Luck!

Back in Business!Sept 25, 2012

Hey guys,

After solving a whole lot of issues inside and outside Live Wallpaper Creator, we are glad to announce that we are back in business and hard at work! The release of the next version of Live Wallpaper Creator is approaching and we are very excited about its capabilities, but first, there are some things that are happening this week that we want to kick things off with.

While we'll be working on the next version of Live Wallpaper Creator, we have prepared something exciting for all of us that many of you have expressed intrest in before - advertising integration. Yes, next week, we are releasing a little update to the LWC - v2.1. You will be able to output the source code of your applications when building. This will allow you to integrate advertising code into it. To help you along, we will also post step-by-step video tutorials that will guide you through this process. While this will be the only feature included in this small update, it will provide you with another way to monetize your current and future creations!

Also next week, we are releasing a list of features for LWC v3.0 that will surely bring your wallpapers to a whole new level. This list will outline many major and exciting changes to the LWC interface and its capabilities. Be sure to check them out!

Finally, as many of you know, we work on Live Wallpaper Creator during our free time which is, unfortunately, limited by other responsibilities such as work and school. We would love to make LWC our #1 priority. If any of you wish to support us, we have added a donation button to the front page and would sincerely appreciate your help.

A big thanks to all those who have stuck with us and participated in forum discussions. Your feedback was very helpful and we are glad to be part of such a great community.

It feels good to be back!

Live Wallpaper Creator 2.5 delayed.Mar 3, 2012
It is unfortunate that I have to announce this, but Live Wallpaper Creator version 2.5 has to be delayed until further notice. We have been working hard to get it ready for our announced release date, but we have run into unexpected roadblocks while implementing all the features that we planned.

Thanks for your continued support, and please stay tuned!

Live Wallpaper Creator 2.5 is scheduled for March!Jan 25, 2012
We have been working hard on the new version, and we are happy to announce that the highly anticipated release of version 2.5 is scheduled for the first week of March. The price will be raised to $70. All existing users will be able to download the 2.5 update free of charge.

We will also be posting more tutorials and live wallpapers this week, so keep checking our forum!

Meanwhile, watch a quick demonstration of the Live Wallpaper Creator in action.

We also invite you to check out the live wallpapers created by our very awesome members Jerry-me and RyanXVII.

Live Wallpaper Creator v2.5 is almost here!Jan 4, 2012
We are finishing work on the next version of the Live Wallpaper Creator and it's going to be better than ever!

There will be many new features. Here's a preview of what to expect:
  • Support for animated GIFs
  • Expanded customization
  • Better item control using groups
  • Support for multiple directions
  • and more...
If you have any questions or thoughts about the upcoming version, we would like to hear them. Post on the forum or email us at

We have a new look!Jan 4, 2012
This is the new website. Make sure to check out the Gallery section for lots of free live wallpapers.

Also, we finally have a forum! Join the community here or access it using the main menu.
  • Collaborate with like-minded artists and wallpaper designers
  • Participate in raffles and online contests
  • Showcase your work
  • Review other works
  • Trade advice and design tips
  • Leave feedback and have fun
Please let us know what you think of our website and our software. If you have any tips or questions, you may post on our forum, quickly send us a message from the contact section, or email us at
Watch the Trailer

Help us out :)

What is it?

Create Live Wallpapers for Android with ease!
Live Wallpaper Creator is an innovative software for PC that allows anyone to create live wallpapers for Android devices without any programming. Design and customize interactive items, import fonts and images, and much more.

You can even publish your creations straight to the Android Market for sale. It's that simple!

Free Trial!

Product Features

  • Design
    • Add custom background images
    • Add movement to screen items
    • Add interaction to screen items
    • Define interactive behaviour of items
    • Import custom fonts and colours
    • Control direction and speed of screen items
    • Customize interaction effects for screen items
  • Technical
    • Define application and package names
    • Automatic compiling, packaging and signing of APKs
    • Import your own keys for signing
    • Manage multiple package names and keys
    • Update previously published apps
    • Built-in emulator management for testing
  • More
    • qHD resolution support
    • Easy access to the Android Market
    • Price and publish your creations on the Android Market
    • Build and package multiple projects at once
    • Test your apps on different emulator screen sizes and densities
    • Output source code for manual editing and advertising implementation