$100 Bonus On-Top of other PayOuts!!!

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    Hello Developers,

    We have decided to offer you a huge $100 bonus On-Top of your regular payouts and cancel the 500,000 install limitation!!!

    Mobario wants you more than other companies and we are willing to pay for it!

    Here is the deal!!!
    Upgrade As Soon As Possible to our latest SDK (released November 13th), and reach 30,000 Installs by New Years Eve (January 1, 2014)!!!!
    If you have reached 30,000 installs by 1/1/2014, you will receive your $100 bonus with your regular payment on January 15, 2014.

    This is in addition to our regular $50 per 1000 Install (USA) and $10 per 1000 Install (non-USA).

    Hurry!!! Time is money and the sooner you update the faster you will reach 30,000 Installs!!!

    We are accepting all Apps. No limitations. Come and Join, and make money with MOBARIO!!!

    **For those that joined in November, if you prefer to join this promotion instead of our $25 one, please email developers@mobario.com**

    Time is Money!

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