$600 Bonus from Mobario!

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    This is our On-Top Bonus plan!!! (No Adult apps Please)
    If you reach: (by the end of February)
    25,000 installs = $100 Bonus
    50,000 installs = $250 Bonus
    100,000 installs = $600 Bonus

    See our YouTube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=GlwT3Dpayb0
    Login here: https://www.mobario.com/login.php

    5 Facts about Mobario:
    1. Mobario's Plugin will keep your users 4X longer in your app
    2. Allows your users to multi-task with other apps on their device while in your app
    3. Saves development time for you (the developer)
    4. Works with Unity, B4A, and others
    5. We pay per every install of your app: $50/1000 Installs -> USA; $10/1000 Installs -> non-USA

    After REGISTERING please check your Spam Inbox for the confirmation email.

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