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Discussion in 'Advertising Discussion' started by kozlowski, May 22, 2014.

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    I am in end phase of creating online service which lets implement advertisements to compiled LiveWallpaper APK file. Yes... compiled APK :)
    You don't must install anything - it is online service, so, you open a website in your browser.

    How this works?
    Very simply:
    1 - you browse from your hard drive an apk file
    2 - choose your certificate for sign new apk (or add if you don't add before)
    3 - choose ad type via switcher (for instance, banner)
    4 - select ad network for choosed ad type
    5 - input required by ad network IDs (for instance StartApp requires Dev ID and App ID)
    If everything is as you would like you clicks a genarate button and magic is started :). When new APK will be generated you will see a download button.

    Some FAQ:
    - When you should to use this?
    If you don't have source of LW, you don't know how integrate ads in Eclipse, you don't have time to integrate ads in Eclipse you should use this service.
    - Is is free?
    Yes. It is FREE. I would like that a lot of LiveWallpaper creators can integrate ads for free. I only implementing 1 my promo button.
    - What kind of ads I can implement?
    You will implement banners, start and exit intesitials, custom buttons, ppd (AirPush Bundle) and more
    - Which ad networks will be supported?
    I would like to support all major ad network. For start AirPush, AdMob, AppNext, StartApp, TapForTap, AppLovin, AppBrain, RevMob, LeadBolt and more...
    - What is "custom button"?
    "Custom button" is a button which is defined by you. You can set label and url.
    - Where ads shows?
    Ads shows in the LiveWallpaper settings activity and in the main activity (main activity is auto created)

    As I say the service is in the end of creating - I have only small bugs to fix and internal tests to make. In next week I will start the service for beta testers.

    If you would like to join to beta testers please send a PM message.


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    Is tge best service for live wallpaper developer, i advice to all members of this site!!!
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