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    Advertising using banner ads is nothing new. It's not the best form of advertising for live wallpapers, since you can't have a banner in the live wallpaper itself, and the next best spot would be in the settings. Not everyone frequents the settings, so you shouldn't expect high earnings, but you can still make some coin.

    One of the good parts of banner advertising is that it can be managed through mediation. There are a bunch of mediation companies that exist (AdMob, AdWhirl, MoPub). I personally use MoPub. Mediation allows you to rotate banners into your app from various inventories, so that your fill rate is always as high as possible. Inventory is not unlimited and sometimes some people won't see any ads. For example, you can sign up for a number of ad companies that offer banner ads, such as Leadbolt and MobFox or any other ones that you may prefer. Then you would add them in your mediation dashboard and it would automatically rotate banner ad inventory from all ad companies.
    MoPub has controls where you can specify a CPM minimum, so it would only show ads that meet that rate. I'm still figuring this out as I go, so I don't know all the kinks and details.

    What makes this even more viable is that you can rotate your own banner ads. Maybe you want to advertise a new live wallpaper that you just made. Or maybe you want to advertise some CPA offers (which pay a lot more usually!). You can do that without having to update your app. This is all manageable within your mediation controls (well at least MoPub's is).

    Some more food for thought and weapons in your arsenals :)

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