Earning Money, Examining and Supporting the Family in the Imperial Examination of the Agricultural G

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    Lin Ze looked around at the'gentle and kind 'women and girls and was very grateful. "Thank you aunts for speaking out from a sense of justice. Lin Ze has thanked me here. Since today's matter can't be broken in the village, I can only go to court to seek justice for my unfilial piety. I will explain it clearly to the people outside, and it will never affect the reputation of the village." The foreshadowing has wasted half a day's saliva, and it's time to take strong medicine. As soon as Li Laofu and several old people in the clan heard that the secret way was bad, "No, no, you can't go to the Yamen. Lin Ze, when did Uncle say he wouldn't give you justice? How do you want to solve it? Tell me what you think." Can the explanation not affect the reputation of the village? This young man doesn't understand the seriousness of it. They now understand that whether Chen Shuju admits it or not, what Lin Ze said is likely to be true, otherwise there is no need for Lin Ze to take the risk of being beheaded by unfilial treatment. The skill of successful negotiation lies in one advance and one retreat, but anyone who can bargain knows that the price must be cut to the lowest level first, then slowly increase, and finally you can buy good things at a more affordable price. The same is true of business owners, who first set the price of goods high, then give customers cheap, and finally both buyers and sellers are happy. Lin Ze is doing the same thing now, first pushing the nerves of the village head and the clan elders to the cliff, and then stepping back to raise conditions. Village head uncle, I don't want to make a big impact on our river dam village, I just want to be innocent, she is my mother in the end, as long as she and the second brother are willing to apologize to me, and then break up with me, before and today's things I will not pursue, she is not my son, what is the meaning of this kiss again.. In the past, after all, there was no real evidence, and there was no way to really investigate Chen Shuju's refusal to admit her death. Even if there was evidence, the importance of filial piety in Daji country, Chen Shuju as a mother, the worst end was to go to the ancestral temple to reflect. So what we can do today is to take the opportunity to break off the relationship with this kind of person,small geared motors, not only to whitewash his reputation, but also to get everyone's support because of his big belly. Even if he proposed to break up the family, no one would say that he was wrong. As for teaching Chen Shuju a lesson, isn't there Lin Sangui in it, the eldest brother is carrying the heart of Lin Sangui's expectations, ah, so destroyed can calm? "As for the second brother, since he has no brotherhood with me, he will give up." Lin Ze's face was sorrowful, and one sentence pushed out Lin Jianwen, who was quietly hiding behind Chen Shuju from beginning to end. Chen Shu-ju was partial and hateful, and Lin Chien-wen was the culprit. He did not believe that what Chen Shu-ju had done was not like what this guy had done in the dark. Those logical and meticulous things Chen Shu-chu, a woman who did not know big words, had no brains. She wanted to be silent, and there was no way. The words fell, Lin Jianwen did not panic, gear reduction motor ,Brushless Gear Motor, still calm. Chen Shuju is immediately panicked, things pushed on her head really can not deny when she resisted, anyway, she is Lin Ze's mother can not really do anything to her, but if the second child is involved, she will be distressed. Yes, I did it. It's all my fault. I don't like him. I can't afford to support my two sons to study at home. I'm confused. It's nothing to do with the second child. Chen Shuju, who had always had a tough mouth, voluntarily pleaded guilty and took everything on her head. Such a'love son 'to see Lin Ze is really ironic, why the same son, in the heart of Chen Shuju status gap is so big, for the second son would rather destroy the more promising eldest son. People are also very contemptuous, this old woman's heart in the end how long ah. Ignorant woman, I, I want to divorce my wife, brother Li, I want to divorce this vicious woman! Lin Sangui, who finally understood the truth, was so angry that his face was livid and he covered his chest and was almost out of breath. Chapter 11 Lin Sangui never thought that his wife could do such a thing. He always knew that Chen Shuju was not a virtuous, unreasonable and shrewish, but after all, he married home and gave birth to children. As long as he did not violate the bottom line, he did not care and tolerated all kinds of problems of Chen Shuju. And his bottom line is the eldest son, Chen Shuju for the second to break the future of the eldest, completely broke his tolerance bottom line. "Brother Li, I'm going to divorce this woman, and you, you testify to me." Lin Sangui covered his chest and kept panting, almost fainting. Chen Shuju was silly when she heard this. Her husband had never said anything about her before, but he was just talking at home. Lin Sangui cherished the face of the Lin family. If he hadn't really moved his mind, he wouldn't have talked nonsense in front of outsiders. The last time Lin Sangui said this to the village head, it was when she wanted to adopt Lin Ze out. Now Chen Shuju was really panicked, even more than when she was accused of being eccentric and vicious. She was retired to her mother's home at this age. What's the difference with forcing her to death? No, you can't divorce me. I know I'm wrong. I'm obsessed. Sangui, you can't divorce me. If there's a divorced mother, how can the second child see people take the imperial examination in the future.. Chen Shuju hastened to cry and plead for mercy. Instead of acting out, she moved her son out to plead for mercy. It's not that she's smart, but that she understands Lin Sangui's temper. Lin Sangui doesn't have her in his heart at all. All these years, she's just looking at the face of her children. It's also Lin Sagui's wish to study for his son. But this time she miscalculated, in Lin Sangui's heart, the position of the eldest is heavier than she imagined. You just think about the second child. What about the first one? When you did those things, did you think about what the boss would do in the future? I don't know how much money the family has and how many children they can afford to study? Even if it's not enough, I know how to earn for two children, how can you cut off the future of the eldest. Lin Sangui said that his eyes were red, like Lin Ze's desperate appearance just now. Just now Lin Ze was deliberately made, and Lin Sangui is really sad and desperate, it is his connivance that makes Chen Shuju have so much courage, the eldest brother said that he did not blame him, can there be no estrangement in his heart? "But, but he neglected his studies for many years, and now even if you divorce me, he can't pass the imperial examination. Sangui,Vending Machine Motor, I know I'm wrong. Even if you blame me, you have to consider the second child. Now our family is counting on the second child.." Although Chen Shuju's facial expression is to admit her mistake, her tone is rather shameless. ichgearmotor.com

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