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    In anticipation of the biggest retail weekend of the year and the corresponding huge increase in advertising, we are giving away up to $250,000 over the Black Friday to Cyber Monday weekend!


    If you want a share of the $250,000 giveaway, all you need to do is as follows:
    1. Pre-register your interest by emailing blackfriday@leadbolt.com
    2. Go live with any one or more of our ad types on a NEW mobile app
    3. Get a minimum 1,000 valid impressions per day on this NEW app by Monday, 26 November 2012.
    4. Receive $50 in your Publisher account during your next account payment cycle
    LeadBolt has the largest range of high performing ad types available for simple integration into your apps, so it’s easy to get started and grab $50 over this Thanksgiving weekend!

    How to register

    To take part in this great offer, you need to pre-register by 21 November 2012, by emailing us at blackfriday@leadbolt.com. Please include the subject “Thanksgiving Giveaway” and provide us with the following details - Publisher ID number, name of the App you’d like to add our ads to, and app listing URL for the app.

    Integration instructions and more information

    For our simple integration instructions and SDK downloads, click on the “App Developer SDK” and “App Developer FAQs” tabs in your publisher portal. In addition, watch our short informational videos about each of our ad types - http://www.leadbolt.com/developers_units.php.

    The LeadBolt Team

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