Legends under the dust

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    Half a month later, Lan Yan received a report about the emergence of a new black wheel carriage in the Mengze Empire. He thought a little and suspected that it was the rubber that His Majesty the Emperor had been looking for. He hurriedly reported to Chen Xi. At the same time, he asked to inquire again about Mengze and the hybrid who had served in the mountain step city mine, in order to find out the source of that thing. Another problem is not difficult, Lan Yan carefully moved out all the reports about Bianchala, read them from the beginning, and then ordered the special mountain regiment to focus on the interior of the palace, to understand the layout of the palace, personnel composition, work and rest time, all kinds of daily necessities, especially the source of water, food and clothing. Whoever she is, I'm sure she won't get out of our hands. In his report to His Majesty the Emperor, Lan Yan wrote confidently. From this point of view, if I really catch her, I am not a mortal. Smiling, he read the secret letter submitted to the emperor again, appreciated his writing style, and by the way, he deliberated on the plan, sealed it, and called for it to be sent to the imperial capital by military mail. Chapter 264 The equestrian competition, which is popular in Xuanyuan,Planetary Gear Motor, consists of 16 players, eight in each team, including two shooters, two passers, two blockers and two guards. This kind of entertainment first rose in the army. When the emperor watched the cavalry training, he thought he could get something less boring to play, so that the cavalry could also entertain themselves. He adjusted the polo match he had seen, changed the four-team to eight-team, and directed the cavalry to play a few games. The effect was unexpectedly good,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, and the cavalry liked it very much. It was much more interesting than the endless chopping training all day, and not only the training of people, but also the great training of horses, such as rapid movement, good speed, endurance and flexibility, high evasion and offensive awareness, etc. This sport was popular in the army for half a year, and then it was imitated by Boy Scout schools and universities, and became one of the sports of students. Later, there were polo competitions all over the country, and the crown prince of Xuanyuan was also a fan of this sport. The Emperors sat in the stands of the Hunters Polo Grounds and watched the game on the field, the North Division Semifinal of the Army System, between the Crescent and the Blue Lions. The Crescent Team belongs to the First Cavalry Division of the Plateau Military Region. All the members are tall and strong. Even their horses are taller and stronger than ordinary army horses. They have been champions since the military equestrian competition was officially launched six years ago. All the members are combatants, and the captain has always been a commander; The Blue Lions belong to the Guards, and their members are also combatants, but they have to spend more time training equestrian. Even so, 12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm ,Small Dc Gear Motor, so far they have not touched the Champions Cup, and even the runner-up has only won twice. The 23-year-old Crown Prince Chen Han-hsun is a member of the Guards polo team. But at the moment, no matter how hard Chen Han-hsun tried, he could not change the fate of losing the game. This is a matter of no way. Polo requires not only technology but also physical strength, not only people, but also horses; On these two points, the soldiers and horses of the whole army can not compete with the plateau military region, not to mention equestrian, even other track and field events, whether marathon or obstacle race, even high jump and long jump, the championship has always been others. By the fifth quarter of the game, the Blue Lions of the Crown Prince had been led by the Crescent Team by a large margin, and they were afraid that they would not be able to recover in the remaining three quarters. Chen Han-hsun jumped off his horse, took off his helmet, wiped his sweat, and followed his teammates to the rest area on the sidelines. Han-hsun's face is more like his father's. If you just look at his face, he looks beautiful and has soft lines, just like a man; But Chen Xi is a warrior, and her daughters all follow her, so Hanxun's actions are quite heroic. In addition, Feng Ningning used the men's hairstyle of the former world to give it to the soldiers of the world. Hanxun also cut a neat short hair like an ordinary soldier, which covered up her innate femininity; At the moment, the broken hair in front of her forehead was wet on her forehead. Her white breeches and black T-shirt were also wet with sweat. Her flexible and slender body was full of youthful vigor, and she was elegant and calm because of her good upbringing. As a result, although the Crescent Team was in the lead, the shouts of "Come on, Crown Prince" rang out in the stands. "Oh, my daughter is really beautiful!" The emperor waved to his daughter and whispered to him. Junxiang narrowed his eyes and waved to his daughter. "Yes, it's mainly because he looks like me," he said seriously. Another interjected quickly: "The important thing is not the appearance but the connotation and temperament, which I taught." Fourteen-year-old Yutong and her second elder sister Fuhui were sitting in front of them. When they heard this, they turned to Fuhui and curled their lips. "Adults are very bored," they whispered. Fu Hui looked at Han Xun as usual, looking like I knew it early: "Men are all like this." Yu Yu patted the two men on the back of their heads and said, "What are you talking about?"? Am I bored? Yutong shrank his head sharply. Fuhui touched his head and turned to look at Yuyu. He sighed helplessly: "Yuyu's father, you can't be bored. You can't say that the connotation and temperament are fed by you, can you?" Yu Yu choked and shivered. Ming Feng patted her on the head with one hand: "This smelly child is garrulous!" Next to Chen Xi, he said, "That's reasonable." . Fu Hui hooked one side of the mouth, and Yu Yu stared at Chen Xi angrily. The henpecked emperor had already changed his words with a smile: "I'm explaining that Feng is right. This smelly child is garrulous." You see, you see, men are so troublesome, when women are the most unlucky, always have to give in to men, wise and powerful women like mother are forced by men to stare and lie, so the best way is to stay away from them, ignore them, so that they don't act like a spoiled child with you. Chen Fuhui made up her mind to tell Yutong the truth later, so that she would not be bullied by men like her mother in the future, so she ignored the troublesome men in her family and continued to watch her sister resting on the sidelines. While drinking water, the prince, who had a very good temperament, listened to another young lady,micro gear motor, who had an excellent temperament but not a good temperament, whispering: "I can't win anyway. Your Highness, keep your strength. It's easy to win the equestrian competition in the afternoon. Only your horse can beat them." 。 ichgearmotor.com

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