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    goal debate to be put to bed

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    A time for women to come together for prayer and meditation. Walk ins welcome. Info.: (402) 476 7550. Has won seven European Cups only Real Madrid, Spain, has more with nine five European Super Cups, five Italian Super Cups and the International Cup/Club World Cup four times, the latter more than any team in the world. AC Milan has won 71 total tournaments and holds theEuropean Series A record for the longest unbeaten streak at 58 matches from 1991 to 1993.Stadium: AC Milan's stadium in San Siro holds 82,955 seats, and home matches are regularly sold out.Along with backing next year's tournament, AC Milan Coach handbags outlet has agreed to hostthe team that wins the 2009 Continental Cup's 15 and under division in Italy for a week to train with the professional club. Tournament officials had hoped to send this year's 15 and under champions on the trip, but said the plans to do so came together too late.Continental Cup Director George Nanchoff said this year's tournament was largely successful, citing relatively good weather the first day of the tournament saw heavy rainfall and large crowds throughout the weekend.Nanchoff did say, however, that organizers may try to expand the tournament's playing locations next year.

    Other than the local holiday tournaments like the 40th Christmas City Wrestling Tournament (Dec. 27 28 at Bethlehem Catholic) or the Bethlehem Holiday Wrestling Classic (Dec. 28 29 at Freedom High School), or the season kick off tournaments at Brandywine, Nazareth and NFL jerseys china Wilson, I'll take the District 11, Regional and PIAA Tournaments over any of the big name in season national events..

    Fans got a chance to spend a night watching incredible, poised athletes at the top of their game performing their magic. For someone like myself, I could see why this team has such an incredible following because they connect with their fans in a special way. I hope that this is one of many such matches like this that will grace the Rose City, because we again proved on a national scale that this is indeed Soccer City USA.

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