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    Speaking of this, Joseph was very angry: "What is that ghost girl of Saifir going to build by the sea? What'golden coastline '-I don't know where she heard that strange word!"! As a result, the fishing village where the fork used to live was demolished, the fishermen were scattered all over the island, and my subordinates were outsiders, so I couldn't find any useful information at all! Than Ling's information is even more pitiful, completely unable to find out his origin! Sudie said, "Oh," and after thinking about it, she said slowly, "Fork is not nosy, but he is a very simple and honest guy. He has no intention of harming others. As for that Biling. I can't see through it. "I think it's better than Ling." Joseph grinned. "He did it, didn't he?"? I like this guy! Sudie gave him an angry look and walked back to his residence. As soon as he stepped into the small courtyard, his subordinates sent an invitation card to the Earl of Yam's house, inviting them to go to the house for dinner. Without reading the note, Joseph asked, "Will Gad go?" "Prince Gard was also invited, but he seems to have refused.." "Ha ha,touch screen digital signage, if I were him, I would be embarrassed to go!" Joseph exulted with laughter. "Shame on you!"! Before the war, he made such a big battle and kissed his little hands. "I only know how to laugh at others. Hey, I don't know who fainted in pain on the arena." Joseph's face suddenly darkened, and his lower body seemed to ache again. He waved angrily. "I'm not going either!" He doesn't want to face that ghost girl, Saifir! Especially when he didn't even pass the first game of the competition, it was a bit humiliating. Sudie said with a calm face,outdoor digital signage displays, "Reply to the Countess and Countess. I will be there tonight." "Are you going?" Joseph was slightly surprised. Today the Earl's Court is hosting a banquet for the top four of the Martial Arts Conference. We are just accompanying the guests. Sudie waved the invitation card in her hand. "It's good to see those four." "I knew the smelly girl would recruit them!" Joseph snorted twice. "But …" She can make them a satisfactory offer? A meal can't buy people's hearts! Well, does she want to use beauty to attract. Without waiting for him to finish, Sudie gave him a hard look and took off. In the Earl's palace, the busy maids shuttled through the hall, skillfully arranging everything needed for dinner. Lady Milly stood in the hall, watching the work of the maids, and kept ordering. Saifir "half leaned against Madame Millie, smiling sweetly, but bitter in his heart.". She did not expect that her mother would be so interested in the warriors that she would come to dinner, and she was not happy in her heart. Because she was afraid of being watched by the cold world of mortals, she had a great sense of oppression in front of that person. With a rolling of his eyes, Saifir decided to send the fellow elsewhere. Let him come back when the dinner is over, facial recognition thermometer ,interactive kiosk price, and then he will follow Lady Millie back to White Castle! She thought happily. Will Saifir, the Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Gru and the Prince of Santarga be here? Lady Milly asked suddenly, with a hint of sadness in her tone-she had heard a little about the child's marriage, and she saw that she was about to grow up! "This.." I'm afraid my mother will be disappointed. The girl in the yellow dress grinned and said, "Neither of them will come. Only Lord Soth will come." "Oh!" Mrs. Milly was a little sorry. She wanted to see the two people with her own eyes! "Saifel" noticed the change of her mood and immediately talked about the scene of the final four competition with a smile, which successfully attracted the attention of Mrs. Millie. Under her exaggeration, Mrs. Milly could not wait to see the people before the dinner began. Sudi was the first to arrive, followed by Fork and Billing. Several people have changed into formal dresses, which makes them look younger and more handsome. Then there was the man in black, who was clearly attending the dinner, but he was still wearing the black robe of the competition, gloomy and speechless, in sharp contrast to the first three. Garland was the most punctual, not more than a second, not less than a second, as rigid as her rustic old-fashioned dress. What is more astonishing is that she also insists on carrying the huge, silver-white sword when eating, which greatly destroys her well-organized aristocratic manner. After dinner they moved to the parlour of the Earl's Court, where the maids served dessert and drinks, and everyone chatted at random. The fork sat in a soft chair, unwilling to move because of his injuries, and looked lazily at Sudi and Biling chatting softly. The man in black never spoke, but drank in silence. Mrs. Millie was most interested in Garland and kept asking questions and greeting her. In the battle, the indomitable blonde girl was so stiff in front of the beautiful lady that even the tip of her nose was so nervous that sweat was oozing out. Saifel walks around the hall like a butterfly, talking to everyone in a voice like a silver bell, showing her flowery smile to her heart's content-the master is here, why not go all out to perform well? The night was getting dark, the host and the guest were enjoying themselves, and it was time to end. Mrs. Milly stood up with a smile and led the guests to the door and said goodbye to each other. Who would have thought that when the man in black came to her side, there would be a sudden change! A long and narrow sword slipped out of nowhere and stabbed Lady Millie in the chest as accurately as a poisonous snake spitting a letter! "Ah!" The madam's exclamation had not yet come out, and the maid beside her held her in her arms and fluttered aside, dodging the sword! Several guards with quick eyes and quick hands rushed forward, and several swords fell together, holding the hand holding the sword-the right hand of the man in black. Hey.. With a sudden force, the man in black swung away the weapons of the guards and rushed straight at Mrs. Millie on the ground! The speed was so fast that it was faster than his ghostly figure in the competition! However, a shadow flashed, another ghost-like figure in front of him, lightning, only to hear "crackle" several explosions, two people do not know how many moves. Sudie is a match for the man in black. Surrounded by the guards only feel dazzled, it seems that only two groups of shadows in the dogfight,Interactive digital signage, simply can not see their movements. The fork and Biling were now in front of Saifel and Lady Millie, while Garland was protecting the shivering maids behind him. Seeing that Sudi and the guards were besieging the man in black, they carefully protected everyone behind them and shouted at the top of their voices: "Assassins!" 。 hsdtouch.com

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