Walk-in vaccination service for elderly foreigners at Bang Sue station

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    Foreigners aged 75 and over residing in the country who have not yet had a Covid-19 vaccine shot can register for inoculation at a walk-in vaccination centre at Bang Sue Grand Station.

    Foreign Ministry spokesman ทดลองเล่นสล็อต Tanee Sangrat on Monday said elderly foreigners can do this from 9am-4pm any day of the week.

    "Those receiving vaccine must present their passports as well as proof of residence, such as a visa, permanent residence card or work permit on the day of vaccination,'' Mr Tanee said.

    He said that walk-in vaccination is available every day at gates 2, 3 and 4.
    Mr Tanee said Bang Sue Grand Station is also being used to vaccinate the general public.

    He said Covid-19 preventive measures should therefore be strictly observed while traveling to and from the vaccination site.

    While there is a daily limit for walk-in vaccinations, he said, vaccinations will be administered continuously throughout the day, so those receiving vaccines can arrive at the site during service hours at their convenience.

    Mr Tanee said this arrangement is only for foreigners who have not yet received a vaccine shot.

    Those who have already received a first-dose vaccine must follow up by getting their second dose at the same place they got their first, he said.

    He said the system can detect and will reject those who have already received a first dose. There is also currently no scheme for any booster or third shot for the general public, he said.

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